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A thief in search of his destiny.


A man in search of his son.


The Messiah fated to meet them both.


Demons & Thieves is a fast-paced, riveting tale of demonic powers that bring destruction, of unconditional love that brings restoration, and of man’s ultimate choice toward one or the other. In this brilliantly crafted historical novel, master storyteller, Brae Wyckoff, weaves together the account of the two thieves on the cross and the Gerasene demoniacs in an action-packed, epic adventure that progresses across a span of twenty years against the backdrop of ancient Israel.


From the first page, Wyckoff captivates us with vivid characters brought to life as he carefully peels back layer upon layer to reveal raw emotion and the fragility of human existence. Readers will be deeply moved and completely enthralled by the two brothers caught in a cycle of loss and tragedy, the father racing against time to restore relationship, the loyal friend who will not walk away, and the Messiah who encounters each one.


This hauntingly powerful novel will inspire readers to look deeper than what can be seen on the surface and to recognize that behind every person is a story that may surprise us. What influences one’s behaviors and decisions? What determines one’s destiny? For Nestor and Philos, Dismas and Gestas, the answers await in Demons & Thieves.


Brae Wyckoff's books are being compared to JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. His storytelling ability shows within his novels and his characters are deeply developed to enhance all your senses when you enter his beautiful world of Ruauck-El.

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The Orb of Truth

ISBN-13: 978-1479313266

In the hundreds of years since the Holy City disappeared, darkness has fallen over the land. Human kingdoms have seized control of the realm, scattering the other races into hiding.
Bridazak, a skilled thief, and his friends, a Dwarf and a fellow Ordakian, have dared to remain within the human communities and live relatively quiet lives, until they discover a mysterious, magical artifact. The three friends are thrust into an adventure that will challenge their faith, their purpose, and their destiny as they chase a forgotten and lost prophecy across the realm of Ruauck-El, where they hope to discover the origins of the strange item and their place in its history.
An ancient, unknown enemy threatens the completion of their journey at every turn. Bridazak is about to face the biggest adventure of his life, one that may change the known realm, and answer the questions he has carried all his life. Will they unlock the truth?

The Dragon God



As the heroes of Ruauck-El emerged triumphantly in The Orb of Truth, the first book in the Horn King series, they could not have imagined that an even greater evil still lay ahead of them.

Raina has discovered a new threat to the realm, and teleported King El'Korr - against his wishes - to the West Horn King's capital city, Tuskabar, in hopes of thwarting an evil Mystic's plan to acquire the five dragon stones. Each relic harbors an ancient dragon spirit, and, if combined, would unleash a multi-headed deity beyond imagination, to begin a reign of terror upon Ruauck-El.

Meanwhile, Bridazak and friends are in search of Spilfer Teehle's missing family. Their quest leads them to visit old enemies, travel through beautiful but deadly locations, and will ultimately take them on an adventure of new discoveries of themselves.

Each group is on their own mission, but as destiny would have it, their fates are more entwined than they could possibly know.
Internationally acclaimed author, Brae Wyckoff, brings a new depth to fantasy storytelling in The Dragon God.

The Vampire King


The heroes of Ruauck-El are reeling over a great loss. There is no time to rest and mourn as the dwarven leaders within the Frost Dwarf keep, the Shield, have called upon an ancient tradition, the Giimtock, to unite the clans under one ruler to lead them into war.

                Trillius, who had succumbed for a short while to an evil entity of a blue dragon called Dal-Draydian, longs to be reunited with the dead creature’s knowledge of the lost treasures of Ruauck-El.  Young Jack has mysteriously disappeared within the Frost Dwarf citadel and the clues lead Trillius, tasked to find him, deep into darkness where he discovers the Vampire King.

                New heroes emerge, old heroes return, and the depths of evil are revealed in this third installment of the Horn King Series. Destiny thirsts after every man but who will dare to drink from their fated cup and bare their soul to the truth of who they really are.

                Internationally acclaimed and award winning author, Brae Wyckoff, weaves his novel in epic fantasy storytelling fashion that will grip you from the opening chapter to the very end and leave you wanting more.

AUDIOBOOK - The Orb of Truth

Available now on


Produced by Highland Pictures

Narrated by Brae Wyckoff (author)

Special Guests: Manna Ko and Tom Modifica Jr.

 Brae Wyckoff                 Manna Ko               Tom Modifica Jr.

The Unfriendly Dragon

An unfriendly dragon? Not everything is as it appears. In this amazing adventure, Bridazak and his friends set off on a journey of justice. On their way, they uncover the truth and discover the value of friendship.


“A great read-aloud, especially in a group setting. I would highly recommend this book to anyone teaching the importance of how to make new friends and celebrating differences.” ---Brittany Walker, Licensed Utah Elementary Educator


Appropriate for ages 2 and up

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The Mountain of Gold





It's time for another great adventure with Bridazak and friends as they journey to the Mountain of Gold to search for the most important treasure in all the world. Along the way, they overcome obstacles, face their fears, and develop an unexpected friendship with an ogre who helps them reach their destination safely.

Bridazak, Spilf, and Dulgin uncover a treasure that will change their lives, and the lives of those around them, forever. Will your life be changed too? Join the adventure and see!

Parents, The Mountain of Gold teaches children about kindness, friendship, the value of who they are, and the value of others. There is no fighting or weapons.


It is suitable for ages 2 and up.​

Princess Juliet and the Dragonfly

Award-winning author, Brae Wyckoff, has helped hundreds of children with his books to understand the acceptance of others and their differences in The Unfriendly Dragon, personal identity to help children understand that they matter in life in The Mountain of Gold, and now in this new book, he helps kids confront fears that they may have.

These books are valuable resources for parents in teaching and equipping their children in life.

Approved by teachers.

It’s time for another great adventure with Bridazak and friends as they help Princess Juliet with a scary dragonfly. As the heroes encounter the giant insect, they discover that fear was the monster that stood in their way the entire time. Bridazak, Spilf, and Dulgin uncover the secret of the giant dragonfly and save Princess Juliet. Join our heroes as they help others along their journey.

Parents, Princess Juliet and the Dragonfly teach children about how to see fear through a different lens. There is no fighting or weapons. It is suitable for ages 2 and up. -Brae Wyckoff, Author, Husband, Father, Grandfather

Princess Aria and the Lost Unicorn

It’s time for another great adventure with Bridazak and friends as they help Princess Aria find her lost unicorn. The princess and heroes fly over the Dark Forest on her pegasus. Will they find the lost unicorn and bring her home? And what will they discover along the way?

Parents, Princess Aria and the Lost Unicorn, teaches children about the negative effects of comparison with others. There is no fighting or weapons. It is suitable for ages 2 and up.
-Brae Wyckoff, Author, Husband, Father, Grandfather

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