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Here are a few reviews for The Orb of Truth. To see all of the reviews please click on the link below.

Peter Berkos, Academy Award Winner

"Author Brae Wyckoff has compiled an episodic fantasy combining the spiritual with the surreal. He chooses as his canvas an imaginary world bearing colorful, descriptive names; The Lair of Oculus, Lonely Tear, Moonstone Mountain,, The Burning Forest and many more that he peoples with an array of humans and creatures that spill forth from the rich coinage of his brain as Dwarves, Elves, Ordakians, Halflings, Gnomes, etc.

As they pursue the Orb of Truth, they do battle with the Evil King, Mystics, Dragons, Reegs, the demon army, led in conflict by The Dark One.
If the Orb of Truth were a movie I would give it two thumbs up, as a literary work I say four stars!"

Not your ordinary 'familiar fantasy' - Epic!

"Readers of Tolkien, Feist, Lewis, Eddings, etc. will find this at first familiar, like bumping into a friend, and then realize quite quickly that it is entertainingly unique. The world of The Orb of Truth is full of the themes we love as fantasy readers, but chases after deeper pursuits than first seem apparent. At times filled with blunt, bold, page-turning action, the interludes are filled with solid story telling at a graceful pace that more than brush up against core spiritual themes. Without spoiling the ending, an adroitly-timed twist in this book may leave you in tears, as it did me. Well-worth the read, the book will transport you into lost woods and glowing magical mountainscapes painted clearly in the reader's mind, and the well-paced, epic struggle that begins to unfold will certainly leave you as it did me... wanting to jump back on Amazon and order any other volumes in this series. Anticipating the forthcoming installments is likely to keep me busy for as long as the author takes to lovingly tell us the rest of the story."

A rousing debut!

"If there's "nothing new under the sun" as Solomon proclaimed, where does an aspiring author take the fantasy genre? We've met vampires and werewolves, wizards and elves. What dank dungeons or misty forests are there left to explore?

But Brae Wyckoff has done a great job personalizing this question by writing an engaging story centered around Halflings, Humans and the quintessential Dark Lord. The Orb of Truth is a high-adventure "good versus evil" tale that blessedly stays away from serious allegory, while still weaving enough depth and meaning to keep the reader turning pages until the end. I see a solid fantasy series in the making!

The characters, while familiar, are unique enough to stand on their own amongst the Frodos and the Voldemorts. I found myself caring about their next step in an unraveling adventure that's much grander than the reader realizes at first.

Sure, there's obvious comparisons to Lord of the Rings, perhaps even a splash of Eragon for good measure. That's not a bad thing! Brae has fulfilled Tolkien's lofty demand in world-creation, and the author's passion for his characters and storyline bleed through nicely in a well-crafted epic.

Well worth your time and money, and I think you'll be eager for the next installment."

"A solid debut performance"---

Terry Ambrose & Author

"The love that Brae Wyckoff has for the world he's created shows through in this first installment of a new fantasy-adventure series. His plot keeps moving as the characters find themselves gradually learning that they must deal with greater and greater challenges. The book shares some of the standard fantasy characters, dwarves, elves, dragons, and more. But, it also brings in new characters that will set readers' imaginations in flight. I'm confident that readers in this genre will not be disappointed by the world the author has created and that they'll eagerly await the next installment."

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