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Broadcast Muse Radio Show

Broadcast Muse reaches many people. Brae has interviewed people on the show ranging from Academy Award Winners, American Idol Contestants, to #1 Best Selling Authors.

Peter Berkos’ career in Sound Editing began in live radio in the 1940’s on a small station in Hines, Illinois. He moved to Hollywood in 1950 and began creating sound effects for movies and television in a career that spanned over 35 years. In that time he worked on close to 300 motion pictures, and over 1,000 television shows.

His impressive list of important feature films are:

  • The Sting

  • Thoroughly Modern Millie

  • The Great Waldo Pepper

  • Sweet Charity

  • Slap Shot

  • Grey Lady Down

  • True Grit

  • The Hindenburg for which he won the Academy Award in 1975

His television credits include the popular series Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers in the 25 Century, and 77 Sunset Strip.


Berkos was awarded a lifetime achievement Award from his peers in 1996 for his outstanding career in sound editing.


William P Young dazzled us all in 2008 with the release of his first book called The Shack. This ground breaking novel stormed the world and was translated into several languages to meet the demand. The Shack was a story written for his six children, with no thought or intention to ever publish.

William and his wife are all about family, with six kids, three daughter-in-laws, a son-in-law and seven grandkids, and incredible friends and extended family that surround them.


We will be discussing The Shack, his newest book Cross Roads, and some of his other recent adventures that you don't want to miss!

Airika is sure to dazzle a stage with music full of class that takes whimsical flight and leaves it’s listeners with pure delight. Whether it’s through raw vulnerability, Cartoon-esque personas, or Fearlessly brave lyrical flair, Airika’s unique musicality soars through whatever genre she puts her eclectic mind to. Her Soulful, spirited piano playing, brings intense, dynamic sensibility, leaving room to unveil her piercingly clear, resonant vocals. Honesty and compassion fuel her unguarded and vulnerable lyrics, with a deliverable message of faith as an uplifting instrumental literature of hope.

*This charming, vivacious gal will warm your heart with a glimmer of hope and a sense of adventure in courageous proportions!*

MissLadybug has opened and sang with Grammy Award winning artist, Imogen Heap.

She won the singer/songwriter contest at the 2010 Coachella Festival

Airika was in the top 80 contestants for American Idol -Season 6.

She opened for members of the original, "Oingo Boingo".

And she has been played on numerous radio stations around the country and in Canada.

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