Vision: Kingdom Writers Association is to be a resource center for Christian writers of all levels to empower, encourage, and unlock scribes into their calling and to publish award-winning material within all genres with the purpose of reaching more people for Christ.

San Diego is to be the birthplace of Christian books, screenplays, short stories, songs, poems, and more that will rival the legends of old such as JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. San Diego will be the "New Inklings" being intentional to pull on heaven and write on earth stories that are waiting to be released from the vaults of heaven.

Monthly "Writers Gatherings" will continue to build momentum and challenge all in attendance to go after what they have been called to do...write. Workshops will be throughout the year to develop your skill in writing and in understanding the publishing industry in general. Annual Writer Advances where we take writers locally and abroad for a Writers destination trips. (In the past we have gone to Idyllwild, CA locally and Oxford, UK overseas)

Director of KWA: Brae Wyckoff (CEO of LR Publishing & KWA Publishing)
Assistant Director: Jill Wyckoff (CEO of Liber8 Arts)
Trainer: Michelle Barsana (Singer/Songwriter/Author)



Download the Kingdom Writers Conference 8 Sessions for $45

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We have many workshops happening and writers "advances" (formerly known as retreats) being planned. Jump in with us...and become a Kingdom Writer!

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