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The Orb of Truth- first book published 2012

The Orb of Truth- Book #1 in the Horn King Series

I had been working on The Orb of Truth book for the last 20 years.  Hitting walls all along the way, it has been quite a journey.  In late 2010, I heard clearly from God that "we" would be finishing my book in 2011.  This was in November.  Well, a month later, all writer's were called to come up to the front of church one night.  Pastor Karlet prayed over each one of us and I was given the following:

1. She said there would be a medicinal element to my writing 2. First of many books to write 3. Breakthrough from writer's block 4. God will show me things that I would have never thought of 5. Jesus would be there when I write (Karlet had no idea what I was writing or that I was a writer to begin was confirmation to me...BIG TIME!)

January kicked off and I started writing the first chapter.  I had elements ready for each of my chapters, but God was working with me and everything seemed to shift.  It flowed out with no worries of what I was going to write next or how the chapter would end.  My goal was to just write and have fun! January 10th came along and I was suddenly laid off from work...WOW...SHOCKER...been at the company for over 10 years and then it was all over.  I had a sense of peace about it and all I could think about was writing for some reason...yes, I did think about providing for my family, but my wife and I had strategized together before this ever happened...the what if you lost your job scenario.  God is good...let's just leave it at that...tons of God stories came about, but that is another blog perhaps.

Finished chapter 1 on January 18th!

Then I wrote out another chapter and then another before the month was over.  Three in the first month. It didn't stop...another 3 chapters for February, 2 in March, 2 more in April, and now as I write this I just finished chapter 16 today!

I have just a few more chapters and then the book is complete!  Wow!  I am so excited to get this published and in the hands of everyone who enjoys an epic tale of good vs evil in a fantasy world that God has creatively given me.

The Orb of Truth was published November 12th, 2012.

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