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The Sword of the Elements

The Sword of the Elements introduced in Book #1: The Orb of Truth

One of the main heroes has a very special weapon called the Sword of the Elements. It gives him special powers when wielding the scimitar blade.

Let me give you a description from the book about Abawken and his weapon: The mysterious person then entered the campfire light. He stood six feet tall, weighed 180 pounds, was wearing tan clothing that had seen better days. Leather armor was showing under his clothing and his boots had a strange wrapping technique with brown leather with the same clothing material he wore on the rest of him. He had a sash around his waist that dangled down on his left side from the knot and gold tassels on the ends. A dull bronzed jacket with no sleeves finished off his attire. The human hid his face by wrapping a tan colored scarf that only revealed his eyes.

"Nice weapon,” Dulgin said.

He had noticed his weapon dangling at his side first and foremost. It was known as a scimitar sword. Its length was three feet long and the hilt was masterfully crafted in gold and platinum with jewels inlaid throughout. The actual blade was curved with the front razor sharp while the back much thicker. It fanned out from the base five inches at its widest point. There were etchings on the blade from top to bottom. A magnificent piece that rivaled anything that Dulgin had seen before.

Abawken is one of the main heroes.  His weapon is magnificent. Here are some attributes of his magical blade: 1.  He is able to summon a fire, earth, water, and air elemental 2.  He is able to walk on water 3.  He is able to walk on air 4.  He is able to breath underwater and act underwater like normal

A very powerful blade that will see much action in The Orb of Truth!

Blessings everyone, Brae Wyckoff

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